Goodbye writer's block

Well, not exactly writer's block, more of a "no desire to write at all" block.

I first starting writing my new novel in May 2016, and up until this week it had taken me roughly 17 months to write 8 chapters, or 13,000 words. But since I've been off this week from my "real" job I've had the time to properly concentrate on it and get back into the swing without any distractions.

So much so I've written just over 7,000 words this week, something that would have taken me about 8 months to write previously.

Perhaps it was the fact I had more time to dedicate to writing, or perhaps it was the fact that story-wise I am now in a more enjoyable part of the novel. I'd say it's a bit of both. It's probably also helped that I have decided to cool it with the digital art until I finish writing my novel.

I can safely say I'm definitely back on track and will hopefully have the first draft finished by Christmas.

Famous last words eh?