As 2017 comes to a close, it’s a time for reflection.

In my last entry, I stated how I was making great progress with Rebel Accord and hoped to have a first draft finished by Christmas. I'm happy to announce that this was in fact true. I finished the first draft, in its most primitive form, at the start of December and ever since I have been revising it and expanding where I can.

I should be on course have draft 1 revised completely by the New Year and then sent off to my editor with a hopes of a spring/summer release.

In other news I have begun meditating to become more spiritually aware and reduce stress and so far so good. I’ve even created a piece of art reflecting my foray into mindfulness called Cosmic Meditation which is available to purchase on Redbubble. For anyone looking to start meditating, I’ve found the mobile app Buddhify to be very helpful.

I also received a nice message from the author of one of my favourite books, Liam O’Shiel (book: Eirelan – if you have time you should definitely check it out). He was very kind and gracious and sent me the second novel in the series, In the Bleak Midwinter. I’m very excited to read it as Eirelan was a brilliant novel and I have high hopes for the second one.

General Leia tagged.jpg

Like most of the world I have also been to see Star Wars The Last Jedi. After watching it my love for Carrie Fisher was re-ignited. I still have to finish The Princess Diarist, which will be a top priority once I finish revising the first draft of Rebel Accord. I will also endeavour to read more books in 2018, I guess that’s a new year’s resolution, right? 

I never make resolutions as I feel they are pointless and only a tool for self-loathing and guilt when you inevitably don’t stick to them. But perhaps reading more will be an easy one to achieve. I also want to take a step back from my digital art to focus on writing. By the end of 2018 I want to have the core structure of my Strike Agent Chronicles series mapped out so I can begin writing the books in 2019. Rebel Accord, whilst technically the first novel in the series, acts as more of an introduction.

So that’s two resolutions now. Oh well, if I can stick to them 2018 will be very productive in deed. 

Merry Christmas!