New Website

So, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. Instead of working on my fourth novel I decided it was a better use of my time to make a website, whether or not that was a good choice remains to be seen.

The site is only up and running so I will no doubt change and add things as time progresses. But for now you can view all the books I’ve published, see a selection of my artwork or follow various links to my social media accounts and online stores.

My goal is to provide updates on all the different projects I’m currently working on, so no place better to begin than with said fourth novel “Rebel Accord” which has yet again been hit by another wave of procrastination, the poor thing.

I started writing Rebel Accord last May, and it has been going a lot slower than I imagined it would. I’m almost halfway through the first draft, I would love to have it completed and off to the editor by the end of the year, but I'm not going to worry about that because surely this is one of the pros of being self published; no deadlines.

I, of course, will try and keep you up to date with the progress of my writing, if there is indeed any progress…