Another week done...

So as the week draws to a close tomorrow sees me back to my usual 9-5 job after having a week off.

Even though I didn't go anywhere whilst I was off I was surely productive. I made two pieces of art, both of which I am very proud of.

I wrote another chapter of my novel, which I had been putting off for no reason in particular.

My first novel, A New Republic, was offered for free on Amazon.

And of course I created this website which was a long time overdue. I had been meaning to create a website for a long time now. It was the final piece of the puzzle, I've had all my social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram for years, likewise for my DeviantArt account, I had set up my Amazon and Redouble stores, but I had no central site that linked them all together. Well now I do and I'm enjoying the process and hopefully in the future it will serve its purpose to provide a comprehensive account of all my endeavours. I now feel like a real artist/author.

I also discovered the wonder that is Instagram stories. I had never used it before, but it is quite fun, only if you are doing anything interesting that is.

In this coming week I will be offering my second novel, Star of Izon, for free on Amazon so keep an eye on that. I will also hope to continue writing my fourth novel, of which I am nearly half way through (8/18 chapters have been completed) and I might possibly start another art piece.

We'll see how much I get done, as having my free time greatly reduced due to work means it can be tricky to fit everything else in, but here's hoping!