Pre-order Rebel Accord Now!

It’s that time again. After 2 years writing Rebel Accord, a prequel to Time: A Trilogy, we are finally able to offer my book for pre-order to everyone before its 5th May release date.

The formatting of the actual e-book is still being completed, but in three weeks we will be ready to let Rebel Accord out into the world which is very exciting.

I am planning a longer blog about the writing process of Rebel Accord, which I’ll post when the book is actually released.

For now if you wish to pre-order the book, you can do so here.

As the Rebel Accord prepare to overthrow the tyrannical Empire controlling the Linari, Kia and a small group of rebel agents have been captured. In the heart of enemy territory they are being held by the merciless General Minas and await execution. Adi and the remaining soldiers in their team mount a daring rescue mission to save their comrades from certain death. Meanwhile Kia and the others look for their own method of escape…

Set ten years before the Time trilogy we finally get to witness the war that destroyed the Empire, allowing for the birth of A New Republic in the beginning of this thrilling new series.
— Rebel Accord synopsis