A few updates

I realise it's been a couple of months since I posted some news to the site. To be honest there hasn't been much to tell, at least not much I'm willing to share at the moment.

A few updates I can tell you about mostly involve the site. 

It's coming up to the one year anniversary (19/07/18) of this site, so I thought it was time to do a little sprucing up. As you can see I modified the Home page to include some of my most recent Instagram and Twitter posts. I also changed the photo on my About page.

I also added a lot more content to my Art page - to show more of what I can do including book covers/CD covers/colourisation etc. - if you need to enlist me and my services please feel free to drop me a message on the Contact page, I promise I'll try and respond as quickly as possible.

My next project site-wise will be to revamp the Book page, not really sure what i want to do with it so watch this space.

In other departments I have begun work on my 5th book (2nd in the Strike Agent Chronicles). I have completed the basic layout of the story and completed the artwork (which will be released later in the year) so now all that's left to do is to actually write the book. I don't have a deadline for the book release (one of the perks of being self published) but I of course will keep you updated on the process - for more regular updates on my writing process for book 5 you can follow me on Instagram as I regular update my story highlights when writing.