Lock the last open door

In every blog post I seem to continuously talk about my inspiration. If you’ve read all my posts you’ll probably be wondering “how can you be inspired by so many things? And all at once? How do you sort through the noise and make a coherent illustration?”

Well the answer isn’t so simple. It is true with each blog post I seem to give a new source of inspiration – music, books, Celtic mythology, classic fantasy artists, gothic art etc. etc. and while all those things (and more) inspires me, they don’t necessarily inspire me all at once. In fact with the exception of the novel “Darkhenge” and the Celtic legend of Ceridwen (which are closely linked anyway) I think it’s safe to say that my inspiration comes from generally one source at a time.

This is all my long-winded way of saying that in this blog post I’m going to be talking about another form of inspiration – Evanescence.


I know I’ve spoken previously about how much music inspires me (most notably Within Temptation) it’s only fair to discuss another band, another of my favourite bands and really the beginning of my love for metal.

Even though metal music inspires me and I’ve used that inspiration a lot in my artwork, I’ve only created a handful of images inspired by Evanescence.

I’d be lying if I said these were the only images I’ve created inspired by Evanescence. I’ve created many more over the last 15 or so years, however I don’t think they’d be anywhere near this quality. Perhaps that’s why I love Evanescence so much, I connect my love of metal with my love of art, at a time when I was still learning and growing as an artist, perhaps that’s why I feel a special connection to the band and the genre as a whole?

Most of the above images were created a year ago, when I experienced my Evanescence-renaissance – do you ever get that? Where you haven’t listened to a band in ages, and then one day you start listening to them again, just by chance, and then suddenly you’re kinda obsessed with them? Well about this time last year that was me with Evanescence – I went for it, buying CDs, DVDs, Vinyls you name it I was on eBay looking for it. It was as if I experienced the band through new eyes (well, ears).

This time of year I always think suits their music best. I don’t know why, I just get a very autumn-y vibe with their music, it suits the season well.

I recently created a new piece inspired by the Evanescence track “Even In Death” which features another of my Grey Abbey images:

Considering the location and model stock images where taken during the day I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get the final image to look like it was taken at night.

Original image before editing

Original image before editing