Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year when everything gets that little bit more spooky and sinister. It’s no secret that my favourite holiday is Christmas and my favourite season is Winter, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Halloween and Autumn.

I love everything the holiday represents, at least the more traditional meanings of remembering the faithful departed, divination and the Celtic Samhain festival. In modern times it’s more about dressing up and throwing on some fake blood and being a “zombie [insert any costume here]” than anything else.

As you know by now my favourite type of art to make is dark fantasy. Anything dark and slightly macabre is what I love, so you’d think Halloween would be a perfect time to showcase some of my more spooky pieces and you’d be absolutely right!

A big influence for me visually and thematically is the TV show Penny Dreadful. I love the Victorian setting, the supernatural, the Vampires - I think it all just sits so well against the backdrop of London in the 1800’s. I also have a fondness for graveyards, especially the really old ones that are unkempt and decaying. There’s something so beautiful in that, which is why I took a trip to Grey Abbey during the summer to take some stock images for my art. One of the highlights was the old graveyard. Seeing some of the headstones dating back to the 1800’s really showed how old the place was and really took you back to that time when all the headstones would have been as good as new.

I created one such piece with my grey abbey photos a few weeks ago and I think it fits perfectly with the Halloween theme.

Based on the song “Even in Death” by Evanescence.

Based on the song “Even in Death” by Evanescence.

Another recent image of mine with a brilliant “spooky” theme would be “The Ballad of Mrs. Crowe” - this was a recreation of an earlier piece - you can read all about this challenge here.


Hopefully by next year I’ll have even more spooky pieces to showcase! Until then have a brilliant Halloween and then next stop - Christmas!