Fantasy of Freedom - A self portrait series

This week marks a new milestone for me in my creative journey.

I have been creating art for over 15 years now, whether that is digital art, photography or fiction. One thing, however, still remained unchecked. Self-portrait digital art. I’m not even sure if that is actually a thing, or whether that is the actual name of it. But using myself as a model in my own artwork is something I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

My newest art series – Fantasy of Freedom is an exploration into how the internal struggles within us all can consume our beings so powerfully that it prevents us from truly living our most authentic lives. Whether it’s self-doubt, anxiety or feelings of internal shame we all have a conflict within us that can feel almost impossible to break away from.

This is what I explore in Fantasy of Freedom, told in three parts showing the progress from the initial feeling of restraint to that moment of action that leads us to conquer whatever demons lie within us.

Prints of this series are available from my Society6 store.