Happy 2nd Birthday Jaimcferran.com!

This month marks the two year anniversary of my official website.

As such I have done a little bit of revamping. I’ve updated the Books page to include a drop down menu for better navigation (I’ve also included some information on my upcoming novel “FireBurner”). I’ve also added a drop down menu for my Art & Services too.

Also added to the site is links to both of my stores; one for art prints, the other for books.

I’ve also modified the colour scheme. Turquoise is my favourite colour so I thought it only fair to bring that into the layout.

Now, back to writing…

*18/07/19: Okay so forget about all of the above, I decided to completely revamp the site from head to toe. Not a pick of turquoise in sight, much to my dismay but there’s a reason for that.

I wanted to streamline this site and show off everything that is important - my art and books. I think I got too bogged down with creating a website that had everything you could ever want - news, banners, slideshows, social media feeds, official stores - when really the most important thing to me is making my art and writing my books and making both those things as accessible as possible to anyone wanting to look for them.

So the home page is my gallery and I’ve limited the number of pages to 6 - art / services / books / about / blog / contact - those are really the core pages and all the other stuff (social media/print store etc.) can be found easily enough if someone is really that dedicated to finding it.

Now, I won’t even lie and go back to writing because we both know I haven’t wrote a single sentence (of my next book) in about 2 weeks.

So… back to staring lovingly at my website hoping someone hires me to create a book cover (because let’s face it - that’s really all I’ve done for the last two weeks.)