Death Dealer

I am going to try and endeavour to be more active on my blog. I really don’t update it as much as I should, only posting something when I’ve hit a milestone or changed something on the site. I’ve decided I’m going to try and post more content here, expand on something I’ve maybe posted on social media, give more context to my art (like I did last month with Deceiver of Hearts).

Something I’m currently trialling is coordinating my social media posts through Buffer – an app that allows you to schedule your posts so that they post automatically on a specific date. Of course I will still be active on social media, posting extra content personally as well as new art, but I think batch-creating in this way will help me in the long run when it comes to allowing me time to create new art, rather than stress over continuously posting on social media.

This is also what I’ll be doing with my blog posts for the rest of the year. Batch-write them and schedule them to publish evenly to give my blog more consistency, and relieving the pressure of having to keep on top of things.

So anyway, with that out of the way today I want to talk about an image I posted earlier.


I created this image 4 years ago (on this very day) as a tribute to Frank Frazetta. I’ve always been captivated by classic fantasy art. The kind you could buy posters of at your local comic book store. The ones with mystical priestesses, dragons and warriors splashed across the glossy paper. I’m no traditional-illustrator, so I decided to pay homage to the great fantasy artists like Frank, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and Ken Kelly to name a few in my own way. My way being photo-illustration.

Over the next two or so years I would almost exclusively create this genre of art, classic fantasy with my own twist. It was very challenging, up until this point I had been more involved in Victorian/gothic/dark art. The more epic fantasy-type stuff, whilst I admired it, I had a feeling it wasn’t in my wheelhouse of skills.

But the urge to create such images was so overwhelming I had to try it out, if I sucked at it then so be it. At least I had tried.

From 2015-2017 I created about 20 illustrations of pure fantasy – some definitely didn’t work, but some (like the above images) turned out better than I could have hoped.

Since 2017 I haven’t really created many images in this style. In 2018 I largely took a break for most of the year in order to finish my 4th novel “Rebel Accord” and this year I’ve instead focused on my own conceptual self-portraits and resorting back to the gothic art that I feel most at home creating thanks to a truckload of inspiration courtesy of metal band Within Temptation.

But I have created a few fantasy-style images that I hope feel at home with my previous ones.

Stay tuned for more deep dives into my artwork, coming soon!