At the Candle’s End

underwater tagged brighter.jpg

It has been quite a while since I created a self-portrait photo-illustration, 2 months in fact. “Beneath the Surface” was the last time I created an image based around myself and was a challenge as the image took place mostly underwater. It was a fun experiment and I think it turned out quite well.

Then I moved onto the self-portrait series “The Blessed Dark” which was a more traditional photography series. In between times I have been creating new photo-illustrations featuring Elandria exploring the fantasy/mystical genre, which I love (on that note look out for a new blog post next week examining the legend of Ceridwen – one of my favourite source materials to work from).

This week I created a new photo-illustration similar to the images I created back in May/June featuring myself along with various other images all taken by me. This time I worked with 38 candles all arranged and melted together – no Photoshop was used for this part of the image.

fireplace tagged.jpg
© Brooke Shaden

© Brooke Shaden

The image was inspired by a piece from Brooke Shaden; really, the only similarity between the two images was they fact both use a fireplace. With Brooke’s image, I loved the colour scheme along with the surreal aspect of the stars and moon.

For my colour scheme I wanted to move away from the beige/cream walls I had been using in previous images, this time I opted for a more green/blue tone on the walls, helped along by the sky within the cracked mirror. I think the colour scheme helps ground the image and give it a slightly different atmosphere compared to, say, “I’d Give My Heart”.

I have a few ideas for more self-portraits in the future, which I'm excited about. I’m still waiting on a few props for one idea which will be more photography based (similar to “The Blessed Dark”) so definitely keep an eye out for that one!