The Veil of Dreams

Sometimes you see an image that just sets your imagination on fire.

That is what happened when I created my latest piece “The Veil of Dreams.” Many months ago I saw an image on Instagram of St. Edwards Church in England. It showed an old church door flanked by two ancient trees. The image was magical, so many stories could be told through this place. I searched through the location on Instagram and liked nearly every photo because I wanted to remember it, keep it in my mind until I was able to find the location available from one of my stock providers.

It took a while (4 months to be exact) before I saw stock images of this enchanting place by the lovely LadyxBoleyn and I immediately saved the photos, knowing that I would be using them instantly. I had the image planned out in my head and knew what I wanted so it was only a matter of actually doing it.


In the past I’ve talked about getting inspired by music, books, other artists but I am also heavily inspired by landscapes and locations. Sometimes you just see a place and it speaks to you, you immediately see the beauty, the fantasy and before long you have a fully formed image in your head.

This past weekend I gathered all the stock images (6 images in total - including 3 separate images by Elandria to create the model; the skirt, arm and torso/head) and began the job of blending them together. Once I got into the swing of it I was finished in about 8 hours, a relatively quick edit.

I originally wanted the image in portrait orientation, akin to book cover dimensions, but then I changed my mind, instead wishing to show more of the woodland. I also think it’s a nice change for me, I always seem to create images in portrait dimensions so I wanted to change it up.

My image before editing began, showing the original dimensions of the piece.

My image before editing began, showing the original dimensions of the piece.


Thankfully there was no water to contend with so the creation was very much stress-free. The most challenging part of the edit was cutting out the trees from the doorway photo. Although I didn’t have to do it by hand (or else my total work time would probably have doubled) I instead used the background erasure tool, this erases anything the same colour within a selection area so it was perfect for getting rid of the white sky between the tree’s leaves.

veil of dreams tagged.jpg

I was very pleased with the end result. I think it would make a brilliant book or album cover. If you think this image would be perfect for your project you can license this image by sending me an email describing your project!